I am a postdoctoral fellow at Utrecht University's Department of Education, where I teach in the educational sciences Bachelor and Master programme, and conduct research with prof. Tamara van Gog and prof. Liesbeth Kester. I'm interested in learning, memory, and the brain - and in ways to support learning with well-designed instruction. You can read more about my research interests here.

Bio: Bachelor‘s degree in Psychology, Research Master’s degree in Behavioural Science, specialized in educational neuroscience. Worked for the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development on an international project on Innovative Learning Environments in Paris (report). PhD project at the BSI and the Donders Institute of Radboud University. OECD external consultant and member of university council. Defended my thesis in October 2017. Currently a postdoctoral researcher and teacher at Utrecht University. Fun side projects: designing a vocabulary learning method for an international competition (1st place!), journalistic writing and making creative stuff. Passionate advocate for open access and against neuromyths. Lindy hop dancer in my free time. More information (in whole sentences even!) about me on my Linkedin profile.